AGAINST FILIAL PIETY ponders one of the oldest Chinese beliefs; the gravest offense of filial piety is not to have offspring to carry on the family name and blood.  The film also relates to feelings of failure in not being able to fulfill the filial responsibility.  This five minute, single framed, 16mm experimental film includes the word “barren” from 34 different written languages, which were extracted from dictionaries.  The individual word or symbol disintegrates as it being enlarged to resemble landscapes or graphic shapes.  The colorful technical drawing s of human anatomy and the cycle of childbirth are combined and contrasted against the monotone enlargement of Xerox copies of the word “barren” which breaks up and converges through out the progression of film.



France Films de Femmes International Film Festival

Women of Color Film Festival


Three River Film Festival   

San Diego Asian American Film Festival   

Chicago Filmmakers special curated screening    

1 Reel Film Festival in Bumbershoot Festival    

Sarah Lawrence College Experimental Film and Video Festival   

University of Chicago Doc Films Center /Sinister Luck Ensemble    

Chicago Culture Center-Asian American Heritage month   

Asian American Showcase   

New York “X” fest International Film & Video Festival   

21st Annual Women in Director’s Chair international Film & Video Festival


Chicago Ear and Eye Control, Experimental Jazz & Film experience

MadCat International Women Film Festival   

Chicago Underground Film Festival   

University Film & Video Association Conference Screening