SNAKEHEAD takes audiences into that unimaginable world of one of the greatest human rights tragedies of our time:  forced labor and commercial sexual exploitation. Bell, a beautiful Chinese acrobat and victim of human trafficking, struggles to escape the Snakehead crime syndicate and a life of forced prostitution before her adolescent daughter comes of age and suffers the same fate.



©  Wenhwa Ts’ao

Towing is a film about an ex-army female sniper’s struggle to make the adjustment to civilian life, one fateful night her experiences in the war comes back to challenge her as she's yet again forced to face meaningless death. Towing explores themes of gender, race and class with a feminine perspective on the emotional effects of war.

NOVA is a short film investigates the building of genetically modified and scientifically improve human and its ethical impact.  Jin, an ailing old geneticist and biochemist, created the heroin of the story Nova to serve his personal need, a daughter to love him.