PEI PEI’S WEDDING is a home-style documentary film about the filmmaker’s sister Pei Pei on the day before, the day of her wedding and the associated ritual.  Pei Pei lives in Taiwan.  She is very happy with her life.  She has no problem with a woman’s role in society there, which is very different than Pei Pei’s filmmaker sister’s point of view.  It is a film about trans-culture, the blend and separation of East and West which, at times, may evoke laughter.  Rich with lots of interesting rituals and food in the film, this film satisfies both mind and spirit.

The film was shot with a HI-8 video camera, edited and transferred to 16mm film.  It is in Mandarin with English subtitles.  Running time 11 minutes.



Woman Warrior Arts and Media Festival   


Columbia College Chicago Women’s History Month Film Screening


Atlantic Film Festival

Sedona International Film Festival

University Film and Video Association Screening

Chicago Asian American Film Festival


Eidenbough University, PA

Three Rivers Film Festival