SNAKEHEAD takes audiences into that unimaginable world of one of the greatest human rights tragedies of our time:  forced labor and commercial sexual exploitation. Bell, a beautiful Chinese acrobat and victim of human trafficking, struggles to escape the Snakehead crime syndicate and a life of forced prostitution before her adolescent daughter comes of age and suffers the same fate.

A Chinese human trafficking gang, Snakehead, holds BELL's daughter MEI as collateral and makes Bell work as a prostitute in a whorehouse disguised as a karaoke bar – Lui’s.  Bell's admirer, PETER, a Russian driver for Snakehead, sneaks Mei out of captivity to his sister ELAINA's residence.  NOODLE, the gang's henchman, discovers the hiding place of Mei and kidnaps her then brutally murders Elaina's family.  Detectives WISE and GABE investigate the murders, which leads to Lui’s Karaoke Bar; Gabe goes in undercover.

Meanwhile: AH GI, PEONY and PEARL; father, mute mother and deaf daughter live in rural Mongolia where they have a life of subsistence.  Ah Gi quarrels with his employer over back wages and accidentally kills him.  Poverty and ignorance push him into the hands of traffickers who promise to protect him from arrest and sure execution in exchange for a period of indentured work in the USA.  He is smuggled out of the country but dies from suffocation in a tightly sealed freight container.  Peony and Pearl are taken by the traffickers to make the same journey as Bell’s into a life of forced labor and prostitution in Lui’s to pay off Ah Gi’s debt. 

While Gabe is undercover, Wise gets busted for accepting the advances of an undercover cop posing as a prostitute.  Wise reveals his penchant for the very thing he should be fighting against.  He and Gabe quarrel over what it means to be a hero.  Wise promises to stop his sex addiction behavior, however, he relapses.  Meanwhile, Gabe, undercover in Lui's bar, is attacked and killed.   Wise seeks vengeance on the individuals responsible for killing Gabe and his heroic action inadvertently creates the opportunity for Bell, Mei, Peony and Pearl to escape.


Winner Best Dramatic Feature Script - Cinema City Online Film Festival

Winner Best Dramatic Feature Script - Indie Producer

1st Place Feature Length Screenplay - Las Vegas International Film Festival

2nd Place Feature Length Screenplay - Woods Hole Film Festival

IFP New York Film Week (Emerging Narrative)


Charleston International Film Festival - 2011

George Lindsey UNA Film Festival - 2010

Canada International Film Festival - 2009

Cinema City International Film Festival - 2009