WOTON tells a story of a young Chinese woman and her witty escape during an Immigration Customs Enforcement raid of the US restaurant where she is illegally employed. 

Not only does Grace get away, she helps Armando, an underage Salvadorian dishwasher, to avoid the fate of the other illegal workers, who are subjected to humiliating treatment, capture, and possible deportation. The film gives a glimpse into the microcosm of life in a restaurant, and through a simple story, magnifies the need for human beings to have the right to pursue a better life.

Production Credits


Jennifer Shin               Grace                                 DJ Howard                 Edward

Roberto Carvanza       Armando                            Mack McLaughlin      Pete


Writer/Director              Wenhwa Ts’ao                    Producer                    Sam Sanders

Production Design        Ryan Spears                      Dir. of Photograph      T.W. Li

Editor                            Sharon Zurek                     Sound Design            Nick Fox-Gieg



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